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     We understand that having a properly functioning garage door is essential for your daily routine. That's why we offer a wide range of new garage door springs, including both extension and torsion springs.

     Extension springs are typically used in smaller garage doors, while torsion springs are used in larger doors. Torsion springs offer several advantages over extension springs, including more balance and stability for your garage door. Additionally, torsion springs have a longer lifespan and are less likely to break or wear out over time.

     At Astonishing Garage Doors, we specialize in the installation of torsion springs. Our team of experienced technicians will help you choose the right type of spring for your garage door and install it quickly and efficiently. You can trust us to ensure that your garage door goes up and down without a frown.

     We take safety seriously, and we believe that torsion springs offer the highest level of safety for your garage door. Torsion springs are located above the door and are mounted on a metal shaft, which prevents them from snapping or breaking and causing injury or damage.

     Our selection of torsion springs includes a variety of life cycles, including standard 10,000 cycle springs, as well as higher cycle springs with 25,000, 50,000, or even 100,000 cycles. This means you can choose the right level of durability and performance for your garage door.

     Investing in a new torsion spring is a smart choice that can save you time and money in the long run. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and experience the difference that a properly functioning garage door can make.

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